Meriter Patients Give Hospital Two Thumbs Up

Meriter leads Madison Hospitals in HCAHPS ‘Rating’ and ‘Recommendation’ Scores

Meriter has posted its highest scores yet in the most recent survey of hospital patient’s experience posted on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) website ( Meriter scores were highest of the Madison hospitals on the two key overall measures for rating and recommend.

Eighty percent of Meriter patients gave the hospital a 9 or 10 overall rating on a rating scale of 0-10. In response to their “Willingness to Recommend’ question, 84% of Meriter patients answered ‘Definitely Yes.’ The data was collected from a random sample of patients from April 2009 through March 2010.

This is a dramatic turnaround since the scores were first reported in March 2008. The rating score improved 20% since the first cycle and the recommend score improved 15%.

Meriter also rated top or tied the other Madison hospitals in four of the eight specific categories.

“This is not just about getting a score – we are committed to providing the best possible health care experience for every patient, every time, every day,” says Jim Woodward, Meriter president and CEO. “I challenged our staff – from housekeepers to nursing, pharmacists to physicians – to remember our true purpose – to serve patients. They not only delivered – but they’ve raised the bar for themselves and all other hospitals.”

Patient care improvement is a constant focus. “Our efforts are now keying in on pain management. Despite past efforts our scores were not increasing,” says Pat Grunwald, Meriter Chief Nursing Officer. “We’ve activated three pain teams – surgical, medical/chronic disease and obstetrics – acknowledging that each of these patient groups have unique needs. The multi-disciplinary pain rounds which partner nurses and pharmacists are showing great promise.”

The three Madison hospitals topped the state and national averages for both rate and recommend.

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