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Nutrition Services

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Nutrition Counseling
Meriter Wellness Center
2501 W. Beltline Highway, Suite 207
Madison, WI 53713
Phone: (608) 417-6102

Please contact the Meriter Wellness Center to schedule an appointment. To ensure coverage, you may be asked to call your insurance provider prior to meeting with the Registered Dietitian.

Medical Nutrition Therapy
Meriter West Washington (appointments are available at clinic sites throughout Dane County)
345 West Washington Avenue, Ste. 100
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: (608) 417-8300

To learn if our therapy program is right for you, please call (608) 417-8300. A referral is needed, which can be obtained by any of your treating medical providers. Please contact your provider or ask at your next appointment.

Nutrition Counseling

With Meriter-UnityPoint Health’s nutrition services program, you will receive nutrition counseling on topics such as meal planning, appropriate food choices, portion sizes and reading food labels.

Good nutrition is one of the basic building blocks of living a healthy life. Too often, we know what we “should” eat, but have a hard time following through on a daily basis. At Meriter, we believe that you can have a healthy diet and eat delicious foods. We also know that only having strict goals is not the best way to lose weight or improve health. Nutrition plans should be well balanced, incorporate safe, healthy guidelines and be specialized according to the wants and needs of the individual.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Our Registered Dietitians provide medical nutrition therapy for a wide variety of diseases and conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease treatment and prevention, weight management and digestive health.

Medical nutrition therapy focuses on diet and lifestyle changes that can prevent or reduce your health risks. Working together as a team, you and your dietitian will develop a plan tailored to your nutritional and medical needs. Your dietitian will act as your guide down the path to nutritional wellness and improved health and quality of life.

During a meeting with a Registered Dietitian, you can expect to:

  • Receive guidance in adopting a healthy eating plan to manage a specific health issue
  • Develop a plan and set attainable goals that fit into your lifestyle
  • Learn strategies to manage weight as well as learn the basics of a healthy diet to promote health and prevent disease
  • Address and remove barriers to make it easier to change behaviors

For Healthcare Professionals

To refer a patient to Nutrition Counseling, please complete and submit the attached form. 
To refer a patient to Medical Nutrition Therapy, please enter the order into MeriterCare or complete and submit the attached form.