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Upcoming Events

The Association of Spiritual Caregivers (ASC) of Meriter Hospital, Inc. is a voluntary and credentialing association of area faith community leaders. The ASC has as its vision WHOLE PERSONS IN WHOLE COMMUNITIES. The ASC exists to be a bridge between Meriter and faith communities of the greater Madison area to promote health and healing in body, mind and spirit.

This events page is designed for members of the ASC to:

  • grow in their knowledge and understanding with regard to issues of health and healing;
  • advance knowledge and understanding at the interface of medicine and spirituality;
  • engage other ASC members, faith community leaders/spiritual caregivers, medical personnel, and health care providers around issues of health, healing, and well being;
  • publicize high quality, low cost, easily accessible educational opportunities of the ASC to its members and the larger community.

Faith Ambassador Training

The Association of Spiritual Caregivers (ASC) has been actively involved over the past year in the development of a Faith Ambassador Program which brings educational opportunities to faith (and other) groups in the Dane County area about Advance Care Planning (ACP). At the present time, 17 Faith Ambassadors have made 20 presentations to over 270 individuals in the Madison area. These presentations have been successful and well received across a range of community settings, and the ASC are now looking to build upon the pilot program's success. Members of the ASC are asked to consider participating as Faith Ambassadors. Below are some short descriptions of Advance Care Planning, the statewide initiative Honoring Choices Wisconsin sponsored by the Wisconsin Medical Society, the Faith Ambassador program, application process and training possibilities.

Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning is a process of understanding, reflecting on, and discussing future medical decisions regardless of age and current health status. Although sometimes connected to those who are chronically or critically ill, all individuals can express their healthcare wishes at any time. Remember, "Healthcare providers cannot respect your choices if they are not known" .

Advance Care Planning includes:

  • Understanding your health care treatment options
  • Clarifying your health care goals
  • Weighing your options about what kind of care and treatment you would want or not want
  • Making decisions about appointing a primary and alternate health care agent and complete an Advance Medical Directive
  • Communicating your wishes and any documents with your family, friends and health care providers

Honoring Choices Wisconsin and the Faith Ambassador program

Honoring Choices Wisconsin is the statewide initiative sponsored by the Wisconsin Medical Society to raise awareness about the ACP conversation among family and friends. Through a group of certified ACP Instructors, they also facilitate and support the training of ACP Facilitators, who have group or one-to-one meetings with individuals who want to go through the advance care planning process. Click here to see more extensive information regarding the overarching initiative.

The ASC Faith Ambassador program works in cooperation with Honoring Choices and oversees the development of a Madison-area program which trains ambassadors to offer educational opportunities to spiritual and other interested communities. To become a Faith Ambassador, you need to apply to the program with certain skills in place, mainly the ability to organize and deliver a presentation. Please review the job description and requirements listed in the Faith Ambassador application, which is attached.

The time commitments are approximately:

  • Faith Ambassador training (6 hours)
  • Commitment to deliver 2 Faith Ambassador presentations in six months (presentations are typically 60 minutes)

Other Options:

  • Volunteer for some tasks (administrative or operational) to assist in promoting Faith Ambassador presentations, continual quality improvement of educational and presentation materials, etc.
  • Take advantage of continuing education as an Ambassador.
  • In the future, consider your desire and qualifications for being trained as a Faith Ambassador ACP Facilitator.

November 17 Training

If you are interested in becoming a Faith Ambassador, please fill out the attached application, email it to We have put together a 6 hour training session on November 17 at the Wisconsin Medical Society from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Or if you are just "window shopping" on the possibility and have any questions, please contact the Rev. Charles A. Orme-Rogers via phone or email at

If you are interested in becoming an ASC Facilitator, we will be having Facilitator Training at the Wisconsin Medical Society on December 11 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.