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Our Physicians

Meriter Pediatricians in Madison

Our Philosophy

As Meriter Medical Group physicians, we want to provide quality, easy-to-access medical care for children in a safe and friendly environment. Our philosophy is to work with you as a partner in your child's medical care, giving you the guidance you and your child need throughout all stages of his or her life. We are committed to keeping family needs at the forefront and promise to explain everything clearly to keep you well informed.

Meet our Physicians

Within primary care, we have three divisions of doctors who would be honored to see your child: 
  • Pediatricians - specialize in treating children and adolescents
  • Family Medicine Physicians - treat patients of all ages, children and adults
  • Internist & Pediatrician - treat pateints of all ages, children and adults (these physicians are board-certified in both pediatrics and internal medicine)

Meriter DeForest-Windsor Physicians:
Scott Gyorog, MD - Internist & Pediatrician
Jocelin Reatiraza, MD - Internist & Pediatrician (Habla español)
Jennifer Winter, MD - Internist & Pediatrician
Mon Lun Yee, MD - Family Medicine

Meriter Fitchburg Physicians:
Cheryl Martin-Foster, MD - Family Medicine
James Shropshire, MD - Family Medicine
W. Michael Wilson, MD - Family Medicine

Meriter McKee Physicians:

Luke Fortney, MD - Family Medicine
Robert A. Golden, MD - Family Medicine
Dana M. Johnson, MD
 - Pediatrician
Wendy Mortimore, MD - Internist & Pediatrician
Karen Reed, MD - Family Medicine
Marie L. Roethlisberger, MD - Family Medicine

Meriter Middleton Physicians:
Sumita Ram, MD - Pediatrician
Joe Spurgeon, MD - Family Medicine

Meriter Monona Physicians:
Derek Clevidence, MD - Family Medicine
Carleen Hanson, MD
 - Pediatrician
Compton Kurtz, MD - Family Medicine
Bridget Pribbenow, MD - Family Medicine
Diane Wendland, MD - Family Medicine 

Meriter Stoughton Physicians:
Christopher Harkin, MD - Family Medicine
Vernon Partello, MD - Family Medicine

Merter West Washington Physicians:
Kathryn A. Cahill, MD - Pedicatrician
Sara E. Kreckman, MD - Pediatrician
Kristin Millin, MD - Pediatrician

Meet and Greet Visits Available

Are you trying to choose a new physician, but want to talk to them in person first? Our physicians are happy to provide free Meet and Greet consultations where you can ask questions and discuss how we can serve you best. Please call the physician's clinic to make an appointment.