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Meriter Clinics

As part of Meriter's mission to serve our community, we currently offer primary and specialty clinics.

DeForest-Windsor Clinic
McKee Clinic

Middleton Clinic
Monona Clinic
West Washington Clinic
Orthopedic Clinic
Deming Way

Center for Perinatal Care
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Specialty Clinic

Welcome to Meriter

Meriter's mission is to heal this day, to teach for tomorrow, to embrace excellence always, to serve our communities - for a lifetime of quality health care. 

Meriter Services

If you click on one of the Meriter departments to the left, you will find detailed information about services, programs and procedures.

Women & Infants

Meriter's health care team is ready to be your lifetime partner in providing excellent women and infant health services. We offer evaluation, treatment and procedures for a variety of women's health issues. Learn more about Meriter's:

Heart & Vascular

Built around a commitment to servicing our community, Meriter Heart & Vascular delivers health care services through a collaborative partnership with physicians, clinics, and emergency service providers. We raise the standard for cardiovascular care by offering a full spectrum of services. Learn more about Meriter Heart & Vascular.


The goal of Meriter Hospital's Orthopedic Program is simple: return our patients to normal function as quickly and safely as possible. In other words, we want to get you back to feeling like yourself again. In our advanced technologies and procedures, our highly-trained team of physicians and our personalized therapy services find a care that first takes the time to know you.

Digestive Health

Meriter's Digestive Health Center provides prevention, early detection and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders to more than 6,500 patients from Madison and surrounding communities each year. We offer both traditional (optical) and virtual colonoscopies.

Emergency Services

Meriter's Emergency Services Department (ED) is open 24 hours-a-day, every day, to anyone who needs emergency treatment.

Hospitalist Staff

At the time of your admission, your physician contacts the hospitalist on duty to provide pertinent information about your illness, your health history and any special needs or concerns. The process is similar to what he or she does when referring you to any specialist. The hospitalist's role is to assist you through a smooth, quick recovery process by managing and coordinating all aspects of your care at Meriter. Having one or more hospitalists onsite at all times means we're never more than a few minutes away. In case of emergencies or changes in your condition, you can be assured a physician will be close by to respond quickly. During your stay, we will remain in contact with your physician, providing regular updates. Upon discharge, information will be forwarded to your physician's office to add to your medical record. Click here to meet our Meriter Medical Group hospitalist team.