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Rehabilitation Program

Meriter Orthopedics

Meriter Hospital, 9 Tower
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Meriter offers an innovative approach to rehabilitation with a 7-day program that seamlessly moves you from surgery to a rehabilitation stay to home.

After surgery, patients experience HipHab, a rehabilitation stay in their own apartment home. Patients are steps away from an expansive Aquatic & Wellness Center for land- and water-based therapy. An added benefit is that the apartment homes are located in the heart of downtown Madison, which offers ample opportunities for dining, cultural and leisure activities.

Early Rehabilitation at Meriter Hospital

One of the critical success factors for a positive outcome is following the rehabilitation process. In order to help achieve the goals for a successful hip resurfacing procedure, you must actively participate in the rehab process and work diligently on your own, as well as with the therapists, to achieve optimal results.

Physical Therapy - Your recovery program usually begins the day after surgery. Our physical therapists will teach you some simple exercises that will strengthen the muscles in the hip and lower extremity. You will be taught the following exercises while laying down:

  • Gluteal Sets: Tighten and relax the buttock muscles.
  • Quadricep Sets: Tighten and relax the thigh muscles.
  • Ankle Pumps: Flex and extend the ankles.
  • Heel Slides: Bend your knee up.
  • Leg Lifts: With assistance, raise your whole leg.
  • Knee Extensions: Straighten the lower part of your leg.
  • Hip Abduction: Move your whole leg out to the side.

Your physical therapist will also teach you proper techniques to perform such simple tasks as:

  • Moving up and down in bed.
  • Going from lying to sitting.
  • Going from sitting to standing.
  • Going from standing to sitting.
  • Going from sitting to lying.

Although these are simple activities, you must learn to do them safely so that the hip does not dislocate or suffer other injury.

Another important goal for early physical therapy is for you to learn to walk safely with light forearm crutches or another device. Your surgeon will determine how much weight you can bear on your new hip, and your therapist will teach you the proper techniques for walking on level surfaces and stairs with the assistive device.

Occupational Therapy - An occupational therapist will also visit with you to teach you how to perform activities of daily living safely. He or she will reinforce the hip precautions you should follow.

Rehabilitation at HipHab – Just Steps Away in Our Aquatic & Fitness Center

After your hospital stay, you will transition to HipHab. With HipHab, aquatic therapy in our warm water pool is just steps away from your apartment home.

One of the largest pools of its kind in the area, our Warm Water Therapy Pool measures 20' x 40' with depths ranging from 3'6" to 5'. Heated to a soothing 92 degrees, the therapy pool is completely accessible by ramp or swimlift. There is also a lap pool heated to 86 degrees for your therapy program, if recommended by your physical therapist.

Physical Therapy - You will begin with supine, sitting and standing exercises, with a focus on isolated muscle movements for re-education. You will progress to stair climbing, distance walking and balance activities, as tolerated.

Aquatic therapy will provide you with a variety of exercises that focus on posture and smooth muscle movement. You will experience decreased pain in the warm water to help you progress more quickly through rehabilitation.

At time of discharge, you can expect to be able to transfer with increased ease in and out of bed, on and off surfaces, and in and out of the car. You will be able to walk with forearm crutches safely and manage stairs with decreased pain. You will be provided with a thorough home exercise program and recommendations for continued therapy.

Occupational Therapy - You will participate in 1-2 sessions to review total hip precautions as they relate to your activities of daily living and mobility. Your therapist will provide instruction for the use of adaptive equipment needed to perform daily living skills. 

Home-like Accommodations

A distinct benefit of HipHab is that you and your caregiver stay in a private, furnished apartment while you are participating in rehabilitation. By staying at HipHab, you will experience a level of care that cannot be duplicated by standard outpatient therapy services.

Each one-bedroom apartment is modified for our resurfacing patients, and features a kitchenette and a full-size bed. A queen-size sofa sleeper is available for your caregiver/coach.

At HipHab, you will enjoy having these amenities easily available:

  • Dining at Seasons Restaurant and Henry Street Cafe featuring Starbucks Coffee
  • Performances and programs at our Grand Hall
  • Internet access through our Library & Technology Center
  • Garden plaza

Massage services, manicures and guest passes for the Aquatic & Wellness Center are available for an additional cost.

Continued Rehabilitation at Home

Following surgery, a physical therapist may help you with your rehabilitation program. In addition to the exercises done with the therapist, you should continue to perform your hip exercises on your own. It is also important to continue to walk on a regular basis. An exercise and walking program helps strengthen your hip muscles and makes activities of daily living easier to manage.

You will continue to build on the exercises you learned at Meriter. If an exercise is causing pain that is lasting, reduce the number of repetitions. If the pain continues, contact your physical therapist or physician.

While at home, you will continue to walk with the assistive device unless otherwise directed by your care providers. During the first few months following surgery, you must also follow the hip precautions and weight-bearing instructions you received. It is recommended that you not drive unless you have been approved by your doctor.

Meriter Orthopedics

Meriter Hospital, 9 Tower
202 S. Park Street
Madison, WI 53715
Telephone: (608) 417-5365


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