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General Diagnostic Radiography


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Location: Meriter Hospital - 3 Tower

Our General Diagnostic area utilizes CR (Computed Radiography) and DR (Direct Radiography) Digital Technology for routine x-ray procedures of the spine, abdomen, chest, pelvis and extremities.  X-rays are a form of radiant energy that can penetrate the body, producing images of bones and internal anatomy that are viewed on a computer workstation for a Radiologist to read. 

Licensed Radiologic Technologists are trained to use the minimum amount of radiation necessary to obtain the needed results.  The amount of radiation used in most procedures is very small, and no radiation remains after an x-ray procedure.  Some of the procedures we do are described below.

X-rays of Spine, Abdomen, Chest, Pelvis and Extremities

These imaging procedures are done if you are having problems with pain, swelling, edema, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, or any other symptoms.  X-ray procedures are the best way to diagnose broken bones.