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For Patients and Members

Meriter and UnityPoint Health are committed, first and foremost, to patient care. Below are answers to some of the questions you may have. Please note that the affiliation transaction is pending review and approval by appropriate government agencies:
What assurances do you have that Meriter’s high-quality care as evidenced by your top 100 ranking will continue if you are part of UnityPoint Health?
High quality care is ingrained in UnityPoint Health’s culture as firmly as it is in Meriter’s culture.

Like Meriter, UnityPoint Health emphasizes the role of the physician, not just as a healer of individuals but as organizational leaders.  UnityPoint Health’s vision is Best Outcome for Every Patient Every Time.  This includes physician leaders who are able to elevate the quality of care for every patient, collaborating care between all providers.  UnityPoint Health describes its professional culture as "physician-driven." This means that the physician is not only contributing to your care, but is leading a team that surrounds you with coordinated care and includes you in decision-making.

Will patients be sent out of the community to other UnityPoint Health hospitals?
Meriter patients will continue to see their own doctors. UnityPoint and Meriter intend to provide the most appropriate level of care for the patient.  Neither organization expects any significant change in patient care patterns. 
I’m a Physicians Plus member. Will I still be able to see my current doctor?
Absolutely. All current managed care contracts remain in effect.

What will change for Physicians Plus members?
Meriter patients and Physicians Plus members will experience the same level of care and service as always. There will be no disruption. Plans and benefits will not change, and care navigation will continue to get you to the most-efficient, high-quality center of care.

As the relationship with UnityPoint Health grows, we’ll draw on our partner’s clinical expertise to enhance our clinics and grow the reach of both Meriter and Physicians Plus.

Will this mean any change for Meriter Medical Group (MMG)?
Over time, MMG will become part of UnityPoint Health Clinic. The change that will likely be most obvious will be a name change. 

UnityPoint Health emphasizes the role of the physician, not just as a healer of individuals but also as a professional team leader. You will continue to receive the benefit of an entire team centered on caring for you, your concerns and your health.