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For Employees

We understand that any change can be uncomfortable, but we can assure you that this decision was made with our employees and community’s best interest in mind. We hope the following answer some of your questions. We look forward to hearing your thoughts, concerns and additional questions.

Please note that the affiliation transaction is pending review and approval by appropriate government agencies:

Will this change how we do things?
The initial day-to-day impact to our physicians, providers and staff will be minimal. This affiliation gives us the opportunity to learn from a system comprised of award-winning hospitals, clinics and home care agencies with which we can share best practices and create networks. In turn we will highlight Meriter’s successes and collectively we can drive achieving the Best Outcome for Every Patient Every Time.

Will I keep my job?
YES. There will be no staff layoffs as a result of the affiliation. Both Meriter and UnityPoint Health believe that our physicians, providers and staff are fundamental to our collective success. Creating an environment where healthcare professionals come for a job but stay for a successful career is a core principle within UnityPoint Health. Retaining talent in this affiliation is of key importance to both organizations so that we can continue to serve the needs of the Madison community. We envision substantial growth for Physicians Plus. Regardless of the affiliation, we will always be looking for more efficient ways to provide high-quality care.

Will I be able to keep my benefits?
Yes. As Meriter does now, it will continually evaluate staff benefits to see if there are opportunities to improve the offering, reduce costs or create efficiencies with our benefit plans. We will partner with UnityPoint Health to look for ways to improve efficiencies or reduce costs to our employees.

Will our retirement plan/pension stay the same?
Meriter will continue to evaluate its retirement plan and pension plan offerings to see if there are opportunities to provide greater value at a lower cost to our employees. This affiliation does not require a change to the retirement plan.