Programs to Support

Programs to Support

Philanthropic gifts provide essential support as Meriter creates greater access to services and develops better methods to understand, prevent and treat patient needs.

Area of Greatest Need

The Area of Greatest Need provides support to Meriter in a variety of ways. Gifts are used to improve patient care, support emerging projects and address immediate needs.

Your gift to the Area of Greatest Need will provide assistance to many important areas when additional financial resources are needed; for example, the care of sexual assault survivors, children and adults with mental health illness and addiction challenges, educational opportunities for our staff and advances in technology.

Cardiovascular Services

Meriter has developed a strong reputation as a leaderin cardiovascular care. We are the only hospital in Madison that Thomson Reuters ranked in the top 50 U.S. Hospitals for better survival rates.

Your contribution will help Meriter provide outstanding clinical care, disease prevention programs, and clinical trials and research. Our key focus areas include:
• atrial fibrillation
• new therapies for advanced heart failure
• advanced technology and equipment needs

Please visit the Heart & Vascular webpage for more program information.

HEALTH Outreach Program

The Helping Educate and Link the Homeless (HEALTH) outreach program reduces the barriers many homeless and low-income individuals encounter when searching for medical care.
Your gift to the HEALTH program supports a dedicated group of volunteers who provide medical triage, education, prescription updates, and connect the underserved in our community to local resources for ongoing care.

Center for Nursing Excellence

Meriter offers multiple learning opportunities for practicing and student nurses, such as a first-year residency program, externships and the Center for Nursing Excellence simulation laboratory for hands-on training.
Your gift will support Meriter’s innovations in clinical nursing care and directly benefit the lives of our patients and their families.

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Meriter’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital offers young patients and their families a safe environment for inpatient psychiatric evaluation and treatment. No other hospital in south central Wisconsin provides crisis care for children with severe mental health challenges.

In the past two years, families from 38 Wisconsin counties have turned to us for the care of their children—more than 1,300 between the ages of 6 and 18 years.

Your support of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry program expands treatment options available to our patients, educational resources for family members and training opportunities for staff.
Please visit Child & Adolescent Psychiatry for more program information.

Newborn Intensive Care

Meriter is recognized as a regional center of excellence in high-risk neonatal care. Many of the babies we care for are born too early and their body systems are not completely developed.
Every year, Meriter provides specialized attention to more than 450 infants in our Newborn Intensive Care Unit.
Philanthropic gifts supported team crisis training for our NICU staff, research funding for studies in lung and eye development in premature infants and family support services.
Please visit Newborn Intensive Care webpage for more program information.

Women’s Health

Today, the need for continued investment in women’s healthcare is greater than ever. Meriter’s Birthing Center is the busiest in the state – averaging more than 3,700 births annually and visits to our high-risk obstetrics clinic have increased by 44 percentin just two years.
Additionally, as women approach retirement age, a large portion of our region’s population will need innovations in health care. By 2030 in Dane County, the number of women age 65 and older is estimated to increase by 66 percent.

Your gift to Women’s Health supports renovations in our Birthing Center, space and equipment needs in the high-risk obstetrical care area and a new specialty gynecology unit.

Please visit Women & Infants for more program information.