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Meriter Classes and Events


Living Well with Chronic Conditions


“Living Well with Chronic Conditions” is a six-week series of 2 ½-hour sessions designed to empower adults of all ages living with ongoing health challenges to better manage and improve their health.  Taught weekly by trained volunteer leaders who have health conditions themselves, the low or no-cost series is evidence-based and was created at Stanford University. 
Participants learn to manage their symptoms, stress, and medications, deal with depression and other emotions, set personal goals and problem solve, improve lifestyle choices and feel better about life.  “The workshops put me back in charge of my life, and I feel great,” writes one participant.  “Now I have more energy than I’ve had in years.  I’m calmer and more confident about my health,” adds another.   Members of the small-group sessions become very supportive of each other and sometimes continue to meet independently after the series has ended.

Call now to sign up for Living Well with Chronic Conditions, a six-week evidence-based and newly revised program that helps people with all kinds of chronic conditions better manage their lives by learning new approaches, setting goals, and working to meet those goals in a supportive environment.  Adults of all ages welcome; costs include $5.00 for the healthy snack along with a refundable $20.00 deposit for textbook.  Meriter Wellness, 2501 W. Beltline Hwy Suite 207, will host a series beginning April 10 – May 15 2:30 - 5 p.m. 

To register, contact Lynne, of Safe Communities, at 836-9810. 


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