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Meriter Classes and Events


Everywoman's Journal


Journaling is commonly used in chronic pain management, recovery programs and adult learning, but journaling can also be used as a prevention tool. Proactive health journaling helps women translate personal reflection and feedback into actions that increase well-being by becoming in tune with physical messages our body give us and by using self-care techniques.

The insights gained from proactive health journaling - combined with creative self-care techniques and awareness of local health resources - can truly improve the quality of life and health for women!

The everywoman's journal workshop will cover five areas:  nourishing awareness; scattered loss, relating to life, respectful caring, and pure joy.

Participants of this 2 hour workshop will receive a specially-designed journal, guidebook, pen and health resource information.

For more information, please call the Women's Health Education Department at (608) 417-8446.


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