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Meriter & UW-Madison Partnership

Meriter and UW-Madison IRB Partnership Guidance tells you:

  1. Which studies fall under this agreement.
  2. Which IRB is likely to serve as the IRB of record.
  3. How to initiate a deferral request.
  4. About scientific review requirements.
  5. About human subject protection training requirements.

Need help?

Meriter IRB Coordinator
(608) 417-6411

UW-Madison IRB Submission Specialist
(608) 265-2304

The Partnership allows either Meriter IRB or UW-Madison Health Sciences IRB to serve as the IRB of record for research conducted at both institutions by a UW affiliated researcher. The partnership means that after one of the institutions defers IRB oversight to the other, the researcher reports to only the IRB of oversight for the life of the research.
Steps for Meriter as IRB of Record

1. Request an account in the online submission software.
2. Make sure you have completed the mandatory training on human subjects protection.
3. E-mail or fax your training completion transcript to the Meriter IRB Office.
4. Complete a Study Application.
5. You will need to attach the following documents to your study application.