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Mandatory Training

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Log in to the CITI website.

  1. Register
  2. Choose an institution. UW affiliates choose UW.All others choose Meriter.
  3. Sign-up for a Learner Group based on the kind of research you are doing (biomedical or social behavioral)
  4. Take the modules.
  5. Forward your completion transcript to Liz Michaels.

How to locate your UW CITI Transcript.

Contact IRB Office:
Liz Michaels, MS, CIP
IRB Coordinator

202 S. Park Street
Madison, WI 53715
Office: (608) 417-6411
Fax: (608) 417-5675

UW-Madison Contact:
IRB Submission Specialist

Human Subject Protection Training Requirement

Meriter requires all researchers and IRB members to take human subjects protection training every three years. 

What happens if I don't have the training? Your study submission will be blocked in the electronic submission upload from reaching Meriter IRB. All research staff must have active training before their protocol will upload for review. This includes initials and continuing reviews.

What Courses Count?

  • Meriter CITI Modules
  • University of Wisconsin online CITI Modules - UW affiliates must take these modules.
  • NIH human subject protection training modules
  • VA training modules
  • Human research ethics courses from other institutions
  • Meriter Hospital IRB Seminar

Taking the CITI Course

Follow the steps in the blue panel to the right to take your humans subjects protection training modules. 

  • If you have never taken a human subjects protection course, you will take the Basic Course. This takes about 4 hours to complete. 
  • If your training is about to expire, you will take the Refresher Course. This takes about 1-2 hours to complete.
  • You are encouraged to use multiple log in sessions. This system will save your answers to the quizzes.
  • Passing Score - You need an aggregate score of 80% for all the quizzes. A running tally is compiled in the Grade Book. If you want to improve a score on a quiz, you may repeat any quiz in which you didn't score 100% correct.

How to locate your UW CITI Transcript

Questions or Problems

Technical issues with the CITI Site contact: or to (305) 243-7970.
Questions regarding training requirements:
Meriter IRB Office (608) 417-6411.