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Community Health Needs Assessment

Meriter is pleased to be a part of this first ever Dane County Collaborative Community Health Needs Assessment. As part of health care reform, all not-for-profit hospitals are required to determine the health needs of the community. In order to do this in Dane County, Meriter has partnered with St. Mary's Hospital, UW Hospital, Stoughton Hospital and Public Health Madison and Dane County to create this assessment. Our collaborative demonstrates the core belief of all of our organizations – that the health ofour community is paramount. Nothing is greater than helping our neighbors stay and be well.

For this process, the Healthy Dane collaborative utilized publically available data, Public Health Madison and Dane County, and held sessions with community members.

Through this work, we have a much better understanding of our community's health and the opportunity for even better health. Of course, we know that this Community Health Needs Assessment is not perfect nor does it reflect each person's experience with health, but we now have a better understanding.

We are grateful to all who helped make this work possible and provide this information to the community as a valuable resource for all.

Meriter is a proud partner in the local Healthy Dane collaborative (, which provides health information to the community.  This website offers community members, organizations, and others  an opportunity to review up-to-date aggregate data on Dane County's many facets of health.