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Clinical Research

Clinical Research

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Understanding Clinical Trials

Clinical research is a vital component of today's ever-evolving healthcare field, allowing physicians and providers to break new ground and giving patients new alternatives to lifesaving treatment options. Meriter regularly participates in clinical research — giving us the opportunity to test the safety and effectiveness of new treatments such as medicines, medical procedures and devices.

Patients volunteer to participate in clinical research because they hope it will benefit them and because they want to contribute to a research effort that helps patients in the future. Whether the outcome of clinical research is beneficial or disappointing, patients involved in clinical research are helping to find new and better treatments.

If you are interested in learning more about a specific research project, please contact the person listed.

Heart & Vascular

Currently Meriter Heart & Vascular has several research trials underway, involving new investigational drugs, devices and treatment options to improve the standard of cardiovascular care:

Women's Health, including Maternal, Prenatal Health and Newborns

Otolaryngology (ENT)